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kalua pig House of Noodles

You may already know this about me. I like to eat. In Kauai, as it so happens, I managed to eat a lot. The most pleasing items to my palate were the frozen treats. There were no real stand-outs on my little dining tour, but lots of ‘A’ for effort and interesting pieces with much hype. Shall we begin with an appetizer?

Jo Jo's

Ice cold, syrupy, slushy, sweet shave ice, can be found everywhere on the island. Who in their right mind would pass on it? Everyone pointed me in the direction of Jo-Jo’s in Waimea and I followed. Loved the atmosphere and the shave ice even better. Apparently, theirs is said to be the best, but quite honestly, I think I would have been pleased with just bout any. Then again, I only savored Jo-Jo’s. What flavor did I choose? Medium cup size with cream soda, banana and blackberry. Delicious.

Thai Shrimp

aloha ice cold coconuts

Dayo and I stopped at the Shrimp Station on our way back from Waimea Canyon. We both went for the Thai shrimp which was messy and had to be peeled, but very yummy. I would certainly revisit this spot.

North Shore Honeycomb

The thing I liked most about Bar Acuda in Hanalei wasn’t the tapas. It was the waterfalls in the mountains just behind the restaurant. The server was excellent and the food a bit too hyped up for me. It was interesting though and I did admire the North Shore Honeycomb enough to give it a little Trazzler love. Yes, that is a real honeycomb and yes it does stick to the teeth a little.


shrimp station Hamura Saimin

Need a cool, thirst quenching beverage? Crack open an ice cold coconut and drink up. Coconut as a drink in Kauai was a bit overpriced to me. $5 per coconut! Am I the only one?

On to the saimin. Saimin is a ramen and a local favorite. Hamura Saimin is the place to go if you want to feast with the local peeps. As much as I love ramen (especially the cheap $1 package kind), this was semi tasty, but can be flavored more with soy sauce and hot sauces of sorts. More on Hamura’s can be found here.


The name of the restaurant where the Hawaiian plate seen below was feasted upon escapes me now. It’s in Koloa Town and as far as I know, it was rather good. This was one of Dayo’s menu picks while eating our way into a Kaua’i coma.

Hawaiian Plate

Ice Cream Passion Orange

Sweet tooth again? Papalani Gelato the answer? Yes! Absolutely, YES! It’s really hard for me to dislike a frozen dessert I told the owner of Papalani Gelato. (Perhaps I’m not the best reviewer.) What I enjoyed most about Papalani Gelato was the selection. I wish I could have had a small cup of them all. I went right in for the Lilikoi (passion fruit) and wasn’t disappointed. Although, I should have gone for the star-apple. I don’t know where I’ll be seeing that fruity-flavor again soon.

papalani gelato

Papalani Gelato mai tais

Other notable spots:

1.Gaylord’s. This is said to be one of the BEST restaurants on Kauai. Didn’t knock us down to the ground, but we were both thankful and blessed that we had the opportunity to dine there. The red snapper like fish with Israeli cous cous gets real tasty within the first few bites, but strangely enough not on the first one.

2. Kilauea Fish Market. Actually, Dayo and I loved this place. Maybe because we were totally in it for this part of town. Gah! We eat here twice and we loved it so much that I didn’t even have the chance to take pictures. Gobble-gobble.

3. Mermaid Cafe. Blink and this one will be missed in Ka’paa. Super yummy wraps, but the wasabi ahi tuna wrap had too much wasabi for me. Hot Hot! Please note that I love spicy foods, but wasabi isn’t the type of spicy I want a whole hell of a lot in my wrap. I’d get it again though. :)

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