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Me. Today. Photo: Andy

Today was interesting. This week was interesting. (I use ‘interesting’ for lack of better words, even after referencing the thesaurus to find another.) Beginning with the present, I’m currently resting atop of my mother’s bed with a hair bonnet / dryer on my head. COPS is on the television as I wait patiently for my mother to join me so that we can finally watch Doubt on DVD. I’m getting sleepy.

The earlier part of the day was spent in the sun handing out samples of ice-chilled liquid awesomeness to parade attendees in St. Petersburg. It was all about Pride, today, for just about everyone on the streets. This being my first time at Pride, it was much about being a spectator as it was providing patrons with cold beverages. I’m no stranger to homosexuals and I’ve had some fun times in West Hollywood, a.k.a. Boys Town. So it’s odd that I’ve never been to a Pride weekend event before this one. Then again – I’m straight. It’s not that all that strange after all.

Let me skip past all of this though. I’ll rewind. I started a new 10-week job this week at the Homeless Coalition of Hillsborough County. It’s a summer position with Americorps. For those who aren’t in the know about Americorps, it is best described as a domestic Peace Corps. I had always wanted to join the Peace Corps. It was through an orientation several years ago that I learned about Americorps. I placed it on my to-do list as well. This summer, one way or another, it has become a dream come true. Or has it?

Hillsborough County has the largest numbers when it comes to the homeless in the state of Florida. While I’ve been jet-setting all across the globe to patch up a roof or paint the dwelling of a new Habitat home owner, I haven’t paid much attention to my own surroundings. Sure I’m speaking about the homeless in my community, but also the very own bubble that is Adrienne-is. I haven’t paid much attention to myself and my own situations. One wrong turn or unfortunate event and I could easily be out there like the individuals I will soon encounter on a much more personal level. I’d love to keep sailing adrift in my magical hot air balloon nicknamed ‘Day Dreams,’ but reality comes like a speeding bullet. Many will refer to a pills, but bullets a have a harder impact. I imagine it that way. I’ve never been shot.

In short, I will be focusing on two main projects for the summer. One is assisting with the Speaker’s Bureau which I am still getting a foot-hold as to everything involved with this particular program. Another responsibility will be surveying the homeless about violence against the homeless.

It should be interesting. Time now to watch Doubt and then off to bed.

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