Three People I Need You to Know About

I’m often told that my blog is a source of inspiration. It makes people want to go off and do big, big things in their lives. This flatters me. However, there are some people I know personally which provide inspiration for me as well. Since my spring cleaning now involves tossing out some old links in the blog roll and replacing them with fresh working links, I thought it might be fun to reintroduce some of these amazing people.

Allie Cooper:

I met Allie Cooper in a far off place called Tajikistan. We were there doing a Global Village build with Habitat for Humanity. Two weeks was way too little time to get to know all the greatness of Allie; since that time though I’ve discovered absolute talent. Over the last year this dynamic woman has been performing with Lunacy Aerial Productions in the Santa Cruz, CA area. I’ve yet to see her perform with my own two eyes, but I know it is magic. Allie is magic.

She recently informed me of a wonderful multi-media aerial acrobatic dance show called “The Sunlight Zone” which promotes water consciousness. The Sunlight Zone will debut in Santa Cruz this weekend before heading over to Toronto and London, Ontario this April/May. Allie won’t be performing in this production, but she will be touring to all stops as she assists in promoting/managing the events. Allie also makes chocolate, but I’ll save that for another day.

Jaime Case:
Jaime is funny. Jaime is clever. Jaime is also a bit crazy and perhaps a pinch of other things synonymous with the word crazy. Jaime makes me laugh. In fact, if it wasn’t for Jaime Case I probably wouldn’t have had one of the best birthdays of my life time. Jaime has an eye for fun.

Jaime is getting married. Now I want to get married too. (This has even made my boyfriend a little suspicious.) Jaime and her man are taking their show on the road. To share everything dealing with wedding planning and road trip planning, Jaime and Chris have created a blog for all to follow. Please see: Wedding Road Trip. In her most recent entry she puts her engagement ring to the test. It will make you laugh and smile. It might even make you envious. Don’t hate – celebrate. You got to give the couple credit for planning so brilliantly in this tight economy.

Karen Walrond:

You may remember Karen from a while back when I briefly blogged about an experience called Jouvert in Trinidad & Tobago. Yeah, we were covered in paint. Fast forward to the present. Karen is an amazing photographer who blogs daily at Chookooloonks. She is also famously known for her blogging on parenting and adopting over at ParentDish and traveling/photography over at Gadling. On April 6th, Karen will join several others to talk about all things parenting on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

If I were four years old all over again, I’d want Karen to be my mom. (No offense to my wonderful mother. You can never have enough momma goodness in life.)

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