Lost in Garden Translation

What if all plants could talk? What do you think they’d say? “Feed me Seymour” or would they spit some Shakespearean type stuff? Today, I lost myself wondering while wandering. I thought how people must come from miles around to see the gardens, gawking at their naturalness, simplicity and beauty. Unlike their visitors, these plants never move for their roots run deep into the Earth, but if they could would they want to? Where would they go – some exotic deciduous place? Perhaps, it’d be lush and jungle like. To the best of my memory, this was my third trip to a botanical garden and being in Omaha, this one has its own charm. The longer I stayed the more I felt inspired by them. Their ability to stay grounded (no pun intended) and adapt to their changing environment – for them its just faces, not places. What would they say? I invite you to share your thoughts while I share with you some photos I took today at the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha today….

Butterfly on FlowerA resting butterfly decides to pose for the camera.

Beautiful Flower
One of my favorites.

Persian Cornflower
It’s unbelievably soft. I’d make a blanket of it if I could.

Persian Cornflower

Flowers in pot
Early afternoon sunshowers on pretty potted plants.

Garden Interior
From the gardens’ interior…

Flowers in the Interior
My second favorite is quite different from the first.

Statue in the garden
If these plants could talk….

All photos taken by Adrienne Wilson including the one below of her own eyes.

Adrienne's eyes


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  1. I Loved your pixs! My favorite of yours is the Monarch Butterfly!

    I Understand that Tucson,my home has a Botanical garden.

    I have not been there BUT… , Your pictures have really interested

    me and I will be going as soon as I can. I believe they are doing

    a main theme of Butterflys,my favorite! Keep up the good

    work and I hope to see more of your pictures on the internet soo.

    Cheryl Luthe

  2. Cheryl,

    Thanks for your comments! It wasn’t until recently I’ve found myself making or at least planning more and more trips to botanical gardens across the globe. There is this energy in nature that is so far removed from the humming, honking, horns from our vehicles and other world noise. They have been some of the most peaceful grounds I’ve found on the planet. If there is one in your home town, I encourage you to check it out!!!


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